The VA offers comprehensive dental care benefits to certain qualifying Veterans. Local VA offices are able to determine if one qualifies for dental services directly from the VA dental clinic. A veteran needs to be 100% disabled and/or have an injury directly correlated to their service. The treatment provided at the VA clinic is at no cost to the veteran.

The Iowa Veterans Trust Fund is an account set up to help provide benefits to qualifying veterans and their spouses if getting direct treatment from the VA dental clinic is not an option. To qualify for the trust fund an applicant’s income cannot exceed 200% of poverty guidelines and they cannot have more than $15,000 of liquid assets. Additionally, veterans need to have a dental examination and treatment plan to submit an application for the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund.

Most veterans applying for trust fund benefits cannot afford the exam and treatment plan fee. The prescribing dentist usually does the exam at no charge or includes an examination fee into the treatment plan for reimbursement. Qualified veterans are allowed up to $2,500 of dental treatment in a 12-month period.

Applications are reviewed once a month by the Iowa Commission of Veteran Affairs. Once a decision is made, the commission notifies the applicants with their decision and instructions on how to proceed. Payment is made directly to the dental provider for needs not covered by Medicaid, Medicare, insurance or the VA.

If you have a patient that may qualify for this assistance, please consider having them complete an application. More information can be obtained on the Iowa Dental Association Web site.