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It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to meet and have Dr. Fortman work with my 9 year old daughter. Hands down one of the sweetest people I have ever met. My daughter was very nervous about her operation until she got to spend a little time with Dr. Fortman and realized how gentle and sweet he is! We left each appt feeling so good because of his caring and positive attitude. Thank you Dr. Fortman!

This was my first experience with this team and they were great! Very professional, caring and friendly! I would definitely recommend Dr. Fortman and his team!

Bright, knowledgeable group of individuals. Feel very well taken care of. Always a comfortable, painless, experience. Never have any problems after surgery. This was my third time and I love them more each visit. I highly recommend.

Very pleased with the results of my procedures. Very caring staff.

Dr. Fortman and his girls made me very comfortable. Dr. Fortman gave me the choice to do all my surgery at once or split it in two surgerys. I chose to do it all at once and I had no problem at all. Everyone in the office is very professional but they are also approachable. I had some great laughs with Susie! I will definitely continue doing two cleanings a year with Dr. Fortman. My dentist was very happy with the work Dr. Fortman did.

After many years of not going to a dentist, because I was afraid of them, I finally had no choice…..I had to go. I found a dentist in the town that I live and after numerous visits he recommended Dr. Fortman for further care. I had no idea what to expect and I was still very nervous about seeing a dentist of any kind. In a very short amount of time I realized how lucky I was to have been referred to Dr. Fortman and his staff. North Iowa Periodontics are professional, caring, personable, and always concerned of my comfort and I am truly blessed to be a patient of theirs. I recommend Dr. Fortman and his staff to everyone that I know because they CARE about me!!! If you need their services do not hesitate…..

I have to be honest I was a little nervous for my first appointment to see a Per