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Dr. Rockey Says, “Inflammation, a Health-Related Condition Has Many Fooled”

There are health-related conditions that many have come to think of as “normal”. For one reason of another, we have been fooled into thinking that inflammation is commonplace, especially since so many of us who live in Southern California lead active lifestyles and often feel the aches and pains that come with competitive sports and pushing ourselves during strenuous activities.

Inflammation that arises due to athletic and other types of injuries is part of the healing process. According to Dana Rockey, DMD, a wellness-based dentist based in Newport Beach, “When the inflammation process works the way it should, it helps to destroy germs, repair, heal, and then, it’s done – at that point, the inflammation should go away.”

However, when inflammation persists the body indefinitely, that’s a problem. Too often we continue to rely on ice packs or anti-inflammatory medicines to treat chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation signals that our immune system is out of balance and has gone haywire. More importantly, its continual presence causes other, more serious problems. For example, arthritis is due to chronic inflammation and leads to more serious health problems. Colitis is an exaggerated reaction that is also rooted in inflammation.

Because Rockey is a wellness-based health care provider who treats his patients using an oral-systemic approach to keeping patients healthy, versus simply reacting to, and treating disease, he brings an entirely new standard of care to dentistry. Some call it “Dentistry 2.0, Rockey refers to it as ‘wellness-based dentistry’”.

Dr. Rockey notes, “When we see inflammation of the gum tissue, we know that the immune system is working overtime and that something is not operating correctly. We take ongoing inflammation conditions seriously since every chronic disease finds its root cause in chronic inflammation including, cancers, diabetes, heart attacks.”

The good news is that there is a solution to chronic inflammation, and to improving other related health issues. According to Richard DuBois, certified infectious disease physician, “The number one factor in determining the health quality of your life is nutrition. Nutrition dictates the quality of your health and life – even more than exercise.”

In his book, The Inflammation Solution: When Everything Works and Nothing Hurts, Dr. William Sears presents a solid case for eating in a way that optimizes how our bodies and brains were designed to function.