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Aging is Inevitable, Tooth Loss is Not


Maintaining healthy teeth and gums can help you keep your teeth for life

Not so long ago, it was rare for an older person to go to bed without taking out his or her dentures. However, endentulism (toothlessness) has been declining in this country since the 1950s. According to the Centers […]

Aging is Inevitable, Tooth Loss is Not2019-08-26T18:23:15+00:00

Inflammation May Link Gum Disease and Other Illnesses


Chronic inflammation suspected in the link between gum disease and other diseases

Brush after every meal. Floss daily. See your dental professional regularly. These instructions make sense coming from your dentist to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy. But now not only dentists, but also many physicians understand the […]

Inflammation May Link Gum Disease and Other Illnesses2019-08-06T19:29:28+00:00

Classification of Periodontal and Peri-implant Diseases and Conditions


Marsha would be delighted to discuss the staging and grading system from the AAP’s 2017 World Workshop. Please phone our office and we would be happy to arrange a lunch and learn for you and your team.

American Academy of Periodontology releases proceedings from the 2017 World Workshop on the Classification […]

Classification of Periodontal and Peri-implant Diseases and Conditions2019-07-23T15:12:59+00:00



Exposed tooth roots are the result of gum recession. Gum graft surgery will repair the defect and help to prevent additional recession and bone loss.

Before Gum Graft Surgery


GUM GRAFT SURGERY2019-07-08T18:48:40+00:00

Vaping and oral health: It’s worse than you think


Drs. Scott Froum and Alisa Neymark examine the effects of e-cigarette ingredients and their notable deterioration on oral health, as well as offer insight into how explosions while vaping and burn injuries from e-cigarettes can lead to disfigurement of oral soft tissue.

Jan 10th, 2019


Vaping and oral health: It’s worse than you think2019-06-17T19:48:51+00:00



Peri-implant diseases are inflammatory conditions affecting the soft and hard gum tissues around dental implants. Similar to a natural tooth, bacteria can build up on the base of the implant, below the gum line. Over time, the bacteria irritate the gum tissue, causing it to become inflamed, damaging the tissue […]

PERI-IMPLANT DISEASES2019-06-11T14:48:42+00:00

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